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First Law Consult is one of the best Law consulting firms in Africa.

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We want to put our legal expertise into practise in solving legal issues, protecting interest of the people.

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With over 20 years of experience in pursuing legal cases for our clients, our team of lawyers are highly professional.

First Law Consult LLC is one of Africa’s best Legal consulting firm

Our extensive experience from working in multiple jurisdictions with several businesses, public sector agencies, finance houses, multinational lenders, international organizations and individuals is an excellent resource that helps you do business in the complex Africa environment.

The firm is made up of a team of brilliant dynamic and hardworking senior and junior associate lawyers who have made names in various field of the law. The firm focuses on selected clientele and provides custom made and cost effective advice and service to the satisfaction of the clients. We are highly respected practitioners of the Commercial Court of Ghana and active Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Consultants.

Our clients cut across various sectors of the economy in the area of investment, communication, banking, shipping, joint venture acquisitions and mergers, real estate, the motor industry etc. The firm also offers specialist consultancy services to foreign law firms and organizations in the area of Ghanaian law. The firm also maintains and provides “second opinion” on legal issues to client upon request and a dynamic litigation team to pursue client’s interest where necessary.

David Mccauley, CEO & Founder


First Law Consult understands and help meets clients challenges successfully and legally in a global economy.

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