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About Company

Preserving relationships are the basis of success

First Law Consult was founded for one simple, yet very important reason: to put the interests of our clients first, period. While many firms preach this same message, the interests of the firm and the interests of the client are not always aligned. By comparison, the internal structure of traditional firms is primarily based upon a billable approach and attorneys are rewarded or penalized based upon the same. We are not a billable centered practice; rather, we are a client centered practice and can prove it.

We analytically measure the success of our firm and each attorney based upon: client feedback, client savings, case closure rate, trial success and involvement in the legal and business community.

Legal Practice

We strive to be the best Law Firm

Family Law

When you and the other person in your family law case (like a divorce, a custody and parenting time (visitation) case.

Business Law

Business law is a body of rules, regulations, and principles that governs the activities of a business.

Finance Law

Tax aspects of finance transactions. Corporate law aspects of finance transactions. General contract. Basic legal concepts

Criminal Law

criminal law, the body of law that defines criminal offenses, regulates the apprehension, charging, and trial of suspected persons.